Make More Money from Your Data with No-Risk Managed Email

Sending email seems easy enough, right? After all, you do it every day. But managing an in-house email marketing program that delivers to thousands of people isn't simple. You need servers, software, and a staff skilled at knowing how to use them to build and protect your ip reputation, ensuring your messages are delivered to the inbox, understanding compliance matters, as well as the analytical capabilities and time to constantly test and adapt in this ever-changing landscape. All of that takes a lot of money and months to years to get up and running with no guarantee of success.

Or, you can trust the professionals at Prestige Worldwide Mktg to manage your opt-in email addresses and generating profits for you in hours, not months... at no cost to you!

  1. Private and Safe

    Your data is precious. We get it and, more importantly, we respect it! Your addresses will be secure in our encrypted environment. Our revenue is based on maintaining quality data. We don't mess with that.
  2. Free and No-Risk

    Our services are commission-based. If your data earns revenue, we split it with you. There are no fees and we handle our own mailing costs. All contracts are month-to-month, so let's get started!
  3. Quick

    Your opt-in email addresses can be generating revenue in a matter of hours. Bypass months of expensive trial & error. Simply pass us your opt-in emails and let us do our thing.
  4. Fully-Managed

    You will be able to keep your focus on your core business while we handle everything from campaign design & compliance to removing unsubscribes/bounces & increasing engagement.

"What makes you so special and how much can I earn?"

We've been managing email data for 20 years (Yes, email has been around that long)! It's been a crazy rollercoaster and we take pride in what we've built. We also never rest because the secret to successful email delivery is constantly changing. Fortunately, we thrive on change.

We also thrive on open communcation with our partners. For that reason, we will never make false promises. We cannot guarantee amounts; however, if you are providing fresh, quality data, we will be working hard to turn them into repeat customers quickly. After all, our business depends on it... mailing is expensive and we hate to lose money!
  1. Design for Delivery
    An email campaign is no good if it doesn't reach the inbox, and it's just as useless if it can't easily be read and acted upon. We design ad copy to make inboxes happy to receive it and to be read on whatever device your customer is using.
  2. Engage, Optimize, Repeat
    Getting to the inbox is important, but it's just one step. Your data is unique. We track what they open, what they click on and what they buy so we can further optimize engagement on every campaign and provide the content they will respond to.
  3. Compliance & Blacklist Monitoring
    If you're going to send high-volume emails, you have to follow the rules. We make sure every campaign complies with all applicable laws such as CANSPAM and monitors your domains and ips to ensure they do not appear on blacklists. Should an issue arise, we take immediate action to fix it and i.d. the cause.
  4. Dedicated Resources
    We don't share and neither should you. Shared ips are a recipe for disaster. All it takes is one person in the pool to send to bad data and everyone using that ip suffers. We utilize dedicated ips and servers for our clients. We also meticulously remove all unsubscribe requests and bad addresses to ensure a clean list.

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